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Question of the Day – Monday January 9, 2017

Question: Botulism is an uncommon disorder caused by toxins produced by Clostridium botulinum. Seven subtypes of botulinum toxin exist (subtypes A, B, C, D, E, F and G). Which subtypes have been noted to cause human disease and which ones have been reported to cause infant botulism specifically in the United States?

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Question of the Day – Wednesday January 4, 2017

Question: A 45-year-old man recently installed a large aquarium in his home and populated it with various accessories and a wide variety of tropical fish. Upon start up of the aquarium, this man developed rhinorrhea, eye irritation, non-productive persistent cough, myalgias, nausea, muscle weakness and ataxia. He presented to the emergency department and was admitted to the hospital. It was eventually determined that his symptoms were related to the corals he placed in his new aquarium. What is the likely putative toxin involved?

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Question of the Day – Thursday December 29, 2016

Question: According to the reference cited below, “Mercury, particularly methylmercury, is known to be neurotoxic to humans. Vulnerability of the central nervous system to these substances is increased during early development, especially during the prenatal period.” What is currently considered to be the major source for human exposure to mercury?



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