Acute & Intensive Care Special Interest Section


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About Acute & Intensive Care (AIC) Special Interest Section

The Acute and Intensive Care Special Interest Section has been actively providing educational symposia at NACCT since 1997 and has been a forum for those interested in acute care, emergency and critical care toxicology for many years prior. Our purpose in the last 12 years has been to provide an opportunity for Fellows in medical toxicology and other clinical toxicologists to present difficult or controversial cases at our scientific meetings and allow discussion of those cases and the evidence behind their management by recognized experts in our field. The AIC section had regular meetings at NACCT in the past and we would consider reinstituting this given expressed interest by AACT members. In the meantime, we are encouraging fellows in training to submit proposed cases to our interest section for consideration to be presented at future Acute & Intensive Care Symposia at NACCT. This is an excellent opportunity for fellows to be showcased at a major symposium with a very successful track record. We have highlighted fellows in training from major institutions across the country. Participation for our expert panel has come not only from our training programs and Regional Poison Centers in the US but also from Canada and the United Kingdom. If you are a Toxicology Fellowship Director and would like to propose one of your fellows and an interesting and challenging case for presentation at the AIC Symposium at future NACCT meetings please contact Drs Lu or Hayes.

Section Projects

The Goal of the AIC Special Interest Section is to exist as a forum for those AACT members who have interests in both adult and pediatric acute and critical care poisonings. Members will develop content for symposia based on interesting and challenging cases in clinical toxicology and select Fellows in training to present those cases at future NACCT meetings as determined by the NACCT Planning Committee. Members will also organize and present annual symposia our national meeting, the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology (NACCT). Typically, these are 2 hour symposia with 3 case presentations from fellows and 3 to 4 expert panel toxicologists.

Section Calendar (Important Dates)
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