Trainee and Student


Full AACT Member Chair: Tammi Schaeffer, DO – Email 

About Trainee and Student Section Special Interest Section

The Trainee and Student Section is the newest section of the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology. The purpose of this specialty section is to foster engagement of all those interested in toxicology at any level of training. This would include: toxicology fellows in training; resident physicians; pharmacy residents; medical students; pharmacy students and other allied health students. The goal of this section is to encourage engagement in the Academy; increase knowledge base in toxicology; and foster continued membership and involvement in the Academy at the conclusion of training and beyond.

 Anticipated Projects:

  • Construction of a fellows-in-training database
  • Creation of career development tools for trainees
  • Develop a mentorship database for trainee-engagement and guidance
  • Create a trainee-led podcast covering 2-3 articles from Clinical Toxicology
  • Have a trainee be a presenter of an AACT Webinar