Forensic Special Interest Section


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About Forensic Special Interest Section

The goal of the Medicolegal-Forensics special interest section is to provide a forum for members to discuss best practices, challenges, controversies, and resources in 2 areas: legal medicine and forensics. These areas each have distinct topics of interest but also intersect in some areas. This Section will encompass the areas of liability, litigation, expert witness practice, and forensic toxicology (analytical, human performance, and pre- and post-mortem).

Section Projects

Conducting periodic needs assessment among AACT members to determine educational needs in these 2 subject areas. Organizing web-based (CE) and live (NACCT) educational opportunities on topics related to this Section. Providing an active list of AACT members with expertise in the area of forensics. This list can serve as an expert consultant source for AACT members. Maintaining an active list of AACT members with an interest in providing expert witness testimony and litigation support and their areas of expertise. This list can serve as a referral source for AACT members (eg, how to be an effective expert witness/consultant and identify members interested in taking expert witness cases/provide litigation support should an AACT member be contacted) and attorneys seeking expert witnesses. Acting as a liaison between AACT and forensic organizations on issues related to forensic toxicology.

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Section Calendar (Important Dates)

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