Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan outlines the Academy’s four priorities that will enable the organization to achieve its mission within the next three years including uniting members to optimize patient care, educating clinicians in clinical toxicology, fostering innovative research and ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the organization.


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AACT's mission is to champion the advancement of treatment, research, education, and prevention of poisoning injury caused by chemicals, drugs and toxins.


To be the leader in clinical toxicology

Core Values

AACT's core values guide decision-making to achieve its mission.

  • Diversity; Inclusion; Equity and Justice
  • Global
  • Mentorship
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Scientific Excellence
  • Collaboration


Goal 1: Unite our members to optimate patient care
  • Engage and foster relationships with members to demonstrate the value of AACT
  • Establish relevant committees to accomplish AACT goals and develop a leadership pipeline
Goal 2: Educate Clinicians
  • Establish NACCT as the premier and most diverse gathering of toxicologists in North America
  • Develop additional resources using QOTD content
  • Develop and host full-day foundational research program
Goal 3: Foster innovative research
  • Increase research funding for grant programs
  • Provide mentoring, training and networking opportunities
Goal 4: Ensure long-term financial sustainability
  • Implement sustainable meetings and management practices
  • Establish board responsibilities and best practices to promote good governance
  • Implement a comprehensive content plan that engages AACT leaders and members