Recent AACT Award Recipients

2019 AACT Award Recipients

Career Achievement Award Recipient
Mary Ann Howland, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT

Distinguished Service Award Recipient
S. Rutherfoord Rose, PharmD, FAACT, DABAT

Knowledge Translation Grant Award Recipient
Matthew Zuckerman, MD
University of Colorado School of Medicine
“Barriers to buprenorphine initiation in the Emergency Department”



Toxicology Trainee Research Award Recipient
Justin Corcoran, MD

HealthPartners Institute
“Pharmacokinetics of Insulin During High Dose Insulin Therapy” 



Research Award Recipient
Kim Aldy, DO, MS, MBA
UT Southwestern
“Bedside Ultrasound Evaluation and Indicators of Progression in Crotalid Snakebites”


Student and Trainee Travel Award Recipients 

Kim Aldy, DO, MS, MBA
UT Southwestern
“Seniors and SUDS (Single-Use Detergent Sacs): A review of the National Poison Center Database”



Khameinei Ali, MD, MBA
St. John’s Riverside Hospital
“Is that really the level? On the analytical precision of commonly ordered toxicologic assays”



Christian M. Garcia, MD
University of New Mexico
“A systematic review and meta-analysis of alternative dosing to the FDA approved 3-bag regimen”



Susan Hammerman, BS
University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
“Antiemetics Effectiveness for Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) Emergency Department (ED) Encounters”



Jada (Yu) Zhang, MD, PhD
San Francisco General Hospital
“Assessment of microRNA‑122 for Drug-Induced Liver Injury in Patients with Muscle Injury”


Gary S. Wasserman Memorial Pediatric Abstract Award Recipient
Celeste Black, MD
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
“Total Bilirubin: Not a Total Waste of Time in Naproxen Toxicity”



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Past AACT Student and Trainee Travel Award Recipients 

Eric McGillis, MD, BSc
2018 Recipient 
Regions Hospital
“Rapid-onset hyperthermia and hypercapnea preceding rigor mortis and cardiopulmonary arrest in a DNP overdose” and “Lack of seizures in patients presenting to the ED with suspected benzodiazepine toxicity”

Paulius Mui
2018 Recipient 
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
“Impact of healthcare resources on intentional and unintentional toxic exposures in urban and rural communities”

Daniel Nogee, MD
2018 Recipient 
Yale New Haven Hospital
“Development of a prototype software tool to assist with toxidrome recognition”

Past AACT Gary S. Wasserman Memorial Pediatric Abstract Award Recipients

Christopher Gaw, MD, MBE
2017 Recipient 
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
“Evaluation of Dose and Outcomes from Pediatric Vilazodone Ingestions”

Emily Winograd, PharmD
2018 Recipient 
Florida Poison Information Center – Jacksonville
“Pediatric guanfacine exposures reported to the National Poison Data System, 2000 – 2016”

Past AACT Research Grant Award Recipients 


Morgan Riggan, MD

2017 Recipient
New York University and Bellevue Hospital, New York City Poison Control Center
The effects of activated charcoal and polyethylene glycol with electrolyte solution on bupropion XL concentration in vitro”

Past AACT Toxicology Trainee Research Grant

Bryan Stierman MD, MPH
2018 Recipient 
Boston Children’s Hospital
“Neurodevelopmental Effects of Prenatal Manganese Exposure”

Sean Boley, MD
2016 Recipient 
Hennepin County Medical Cente
A prospective analysis of physostigmine use versus standard care in the treatment of anticholinergic toxicity

JoAn R. Laes, MD
2014 Recipient 
HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research
“Toxicology Education in Emergency Medicine: A Formal Needs Assessment and Pilot Study”

Past AACT Junior Investigator Award

David H. Jang, MD
2011 Recipient 
New York University School of Medicine
Methylene blue in an experimental model of severe shock from calcium channel blocker poisoning

Jon B. Cole, MD
2013 Recipient 
Hennepin County Medical Center
A randomized double blind controlled study comparing haloperidol to ketamine as a chemical restraint for “severe agitation

George Sam Wang, MD
2016 Recipient 
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Physostigmine vs. Lorazepam for Treatment of Adolescent Antimuscarinic (Anticholinergic) Toxidrome

Patrick C. Ng, MD
2018 Recipient 
Denver Health and Hospital Authority
Novel Oral Countermeasures for Acute Oral Cyanide Poisoning

Past AACT Lampe-Kunkel Memorial Award

2005 Award Winners

Study Title:  Mycotoxins and Toxigenic Fungi in the Outdoor Environment
PI:  Daniel Sudakin, M.D.
Institution:  Oregon State University
Grant Amount:  $2,250

Study Title:  Assessment of Charcoal Adsorption of Botulinum Toxin
PI:  Robert Hoffman, M.D.
Institution:  Beth Israel Medical Center
Grant Amount: $1827

2007 Award Winner

Study Title:  Cross-reactivity of False Hellebore Steroid Alkaloid Compounds with a Digoxin Clinical Chemistry Assay
PI:  Laura K. Bechtel, Ph.D.
Institution:  University of Virginia
Grant Amount:  $1,500

2012 Award Winner

Study Title: Lily of the Valley Ingestion: Epidemiology, Laboratory Diagnosis and Treatment of Convallaria Toxicity
PI: Asim Tarabar, MD and Thomas Robey, MD
Institution: Yale School of Medicine
Grant Amount: $3,750

2014 Award Winner

Study Title: Ginkgo Biloba and Panax Ginseng’s effects on driving compared to placebo: a pilot study
PI: Michael Greenberg, MD
Institution: Drexel University
Grant Amount: $3,750

2016 Award Winner

Study Title: Physostigmine vs. lorazepam for treatment of adolescent antimuscarinic (anticholinergic) toxidrome
PI: George Sam Wang, MD
Institution: University of Colorado Denver
Grant Amount: $44,894