AACT Fellowship

A Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology is a toxicologist who has shown excellence in the field of Toxicology and service to the Academy. Fellowship status can aid in academic advancement and establish expert status in the field. Fellowship status is awarded through a peer-reviewed process using strict criteria to evaluate service to the Academy and to the field of Toxicology.

Criteria for Fellowship includes (but not limited to):

  • Active involvement in Section and/or Committees of AACT and/or EAPCCT
  • Involvement in planning, oversight or presenting for AACT and/or EAPCCT sponsored activities (eg, NACCT, webinars, poster presentations)
  • Involvement in AACT publications (eg, Clinical Toxicology, AACTion, and Question of the Day)
  • Service in the field of Toxicology


The AACT Board of Trustees wishes to recognize Academy members whose contributions are important to the Academy and to the field of clinical toxicology. Consequently the Board has created the designation of Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology (FAACT) to honor those members whose contributions have been of significant benefit to the Academy, and advanced the field of clinical toxicology. Applications for FAACT status are reviewed by the AACT Fellowship Committee.

Fellow designation criteria require a minimum of four years of professional involvement in clinical toxicology, as well as four years of AACT membership. Current Fellowship criteria allow the years enrolled in a toxicology fellowship training program to count toward the required four years of AACT membership (if the fellowship enrollee is a member of AACT), as well as years in toxicology practice. Additionally, service to AACT-related activities at NACCT meetings, and service to the journal Clinical Toxicology are considered as AACT core services. 

Questions about the Fellowship? Contact the current Chair, Rachel Gorodetsky, PharmD, DABAT.

2024 applications are due June 3, 2024.

The AACT proudly recognizes our members who have obtained this prestigious status. 

AACT 2022

Newly Inducted Fellows

Shireen Banerji, PharmD, DABAT

Rana Biary, MD

Natalija Farrell, PharmD

Hannah Hays, MD

Lotte Hoegberg, MSc, PhD, PgDipMedToxicol

Michael Moss, MD

Mark Su, MD, MPH

Laura Tormoehlen, MD

Ashley Webb, MSc, PharmD, DABAT