Question of the Day

Question of the Day – Monday January 14, 2019

Question – Konzo is a paralytic disease, prevalent in some parts of the emerging world, associated with dietary cyanide poisoning from the cyanogenic plant known as cassava (Manihot esculenta). Epidemiologic studies have shown which groups to be most likely to be affected by this disorder?

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Question of the Day – Thursday January 10, 2019

Question – The article cited below notes melasma is “a common, acquired skin condition that is characterized by symmetric, irregular brown or grayish brown patches on sun-exposed areas such as the forehead and malar prominences and less commonly the neck and forearms.” The most common treatment for melasma involves topical applications of the chemical hydroquinone to induce hypopigmentation. What is the mechanism for this effect?

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Question of the Day – Tuesday January 8, 2019

Question – The use of black tar heroin poses a heightened risk for wound botulism attributable to its production, preparation and mode of use. How do each of these parameters (production, preparation and mode of use) contribute to the increased risk for the development of wound botulism in users of black tar heroin?

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