Our History - History of the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology (AACT)

The AACT was founded in 1968 by a group of physicians and scientists with the specific goal of advancing the diagnosis and treatment of poisonings. The mission of the AACT was to unite scientists and clinicians whose research, clinical and academic experience focused on clinical toxicology and to encourage the development of safe, effective therapies and technologies for the treatment of human and animal poisoning.

In 1974, the AACT established the American Board of Medical Toxicology (ABMT) to certify physicians in the specialty of clinical toxicology. This subspecialty was recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties in 1992. In 1985, a second certifying board, the American Board of Applied Toxicology (ABAT) was established for non-physician peer recognition.

Today, the AACT is an international organization whose membership is comprised of clinical and research toxicologists, physicians, veterinarians, nurses, pharmacists, analytical chemists, industrial hygienists, poison information center specialists, and allied professionals.