The AACT promotes and unites scientists and clinicians in the advancement of research, education and treatment of diseases caused by chemicals, drugs and toxins. AACT provides support through research awards and grant programs in all stages of one’s career. 

The AACT Research awards are designed to stimulate interest in research by members of the AACT as well as their trainees.  The goal of the AACT research awards program is to provide competitive funding for research that encourages the development of new therapies and treatment and adds to the understanding of the principles and practice of clinical toxicology. The intended research projects should advance the mission of the AACT to unite "scientists and clinicians in the advancement of research, education, prevention and treatment of diseases caused by chemicals, drugs and toxins." 

The awards encompass a number of styles, including individual small grants to senior investigators or to toxicology trainees to study specific topics, larger grants to clinical toxicologists that are in the early stage of their careers, and travel grants so that students and trainees can present their research at the NACCT meeting. The mentoring of trainees by more experienced senior investigators is a key aspect of certain awards

AACT supports the professional growth and development of young clinicians by supporting projects through our grants program. Student and Trainee travel awards are also available to support travel to NACCT.

Below is a list of different types of awards and grant programs exist. Click on the links for the specific information available for each program.