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About Herbs & Dietary Supplements Section

The Section on Herbs & Dietary Supplements comprises those AACT members who have a special interest in the availability, epidemiology of use, safety, therapeutics, and toxicity of herbs, dietary supplements, and related products. The HDS Section aims to provide its members with resources and information that may not be available from other sources, and to foster and encourage global learning and research so as to advance knowledge of herbs and dietary supplements.

Section Projects

  • Abstracting Service – collaboration with NLM officials to distribute regular abstracts on HDS from the scientific literature.
  • NACCT Symposia – organization of periodic educational offerings at NACCT.
  • Member Alerts – distribution of notices from the CDC, FDA, other public health agencies regarding safety or efficacy issues with HDS products.
  • Listserv – development of an electronic forum for HDS Section members to exchange ideas and information.
  • Website Enhancements – advice to the AACT Board of Trustees about the HDS Section content and resources placed on the AACT’s website.

Section Calendar (Important Dates)

  • NACCT – Boston, MA     September 12-16, 2016

HDS Abstracts