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About Clinical Toxicology in Sports Special Interest Section

The Clinical Toxicology Sports Special Interest Group consists of members who are members of the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology with an interest in sports medicine and issues surrounding athletic performance enhancement. Sports and competition has always been a major part of society. From the elite athlete to the weekend warrior, participation in sport has become competitive to the point that athletic performance enhancement has become a multibillion dollar industry. Products used for performance enhancement includes anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, caffeine, dietary supplements, drugs of abuse, and pharmaceutical products. The widespread use of these products has implications not only for the governing bodies policing the integrity of the sport, but also for the overall health of the athlete. In our Sports Toxicology Special Interest Group, we will: 1) Stay current on news of pharmaceutical and other products used for athletic performance enhancement. 2)  Understand the methodology behind the latest analytic drug testing and forensic toxicology. 3) Determine whether the use of these various pharmaceuticals and other products poses a risk to health of the athlete. Thus, the overall goal of the Clinical Toxicology Sports section is to provide a source for educational information and education in the various facets of athletic performance enhancement and sports medicine. The Sports Toxicology Special Interest Group welcomes all AACT members. We will provide a forum for education and networking among medical toxicologists interested in forensics as it related to sports and performance enhancing drugs. We will provide webinars, lecture series, and conduct research in order to achieve this goal.

Section Projects

Determining the prevalence of pharmaceutical use as a means for performance enhancement in the high school athlete.

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