The goal of this Award is to provide funding for a project that encourages, as its primary focus, knowledge translation between toxicology and other health professions and/or the lay public. The intended project can be linked to but must have a distinct KT section to another research project and include outcome measures.


  • The project must focus on toxicology outreach/advocacy
  • The project leader/or their mentor must be a member of the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology in good standing.
  • Multidisciplinary project teams are encouraged.
  • The project timeline should not exceed 18 months from project initiation.


Deadline to apply is November 1.

One grant, offered every year, of up to $4,000 is available to fund one project. An additional award of a maximum of $1000 will be provided for travel to the NACCT to present the results of the project. Grants are awarded to provide funding for specific projects that address clinical toxicology issues and are not intended for long-term support of outreach programs.

Funds may not be applied to:

  • Ongoing general operating expenses or existing deficits
  • Salary support for project personnel
  • Purchase of equipment, facilities, or software, or other capital costs
  • Facilities and administrative (institutional indirect) costs

Funding is generally available for:

  • Consumable supplies and services
  • Travel to the NACCT meeting to present the results of the proposed project
  • Subject expenses/reimbursement
  • Laboratory analysis, statistical analysis and similar activities


  • The AACT requires that the findings of the funded project be submitted for presentation at a national or international scientific meeting. The North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology retains the right of first refusal for presentation of all findings that emanate from this AACT-sponsored project.
  • The AACT encourages project leaders to submit the findings of the project to a peer-reviewed journal for publication. Clinical Toxicology retains the right of first refusal for publication of all findings that emanate from this AACT-sponsored research.

By accepting this award, the grantee will undertake all reasonable efforts to complete the project and take responsibility for fulfilling the terms described within the award letter.

AACT Knowledge Translation Grant Award Online Application

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