AACT members have access to numerous e-learning resources including:

  • Advanced Hazmat Life Support Training
  • Fundamentals for Front-Line Practitioners Training
  • ToxNow
  • Webinars


Advanced Hazmat Life Support Training

Advanced HAZMAT Life Support (AHLS) is the most comprehensive training program to provide the critical skills needed to treat victims exposed to toxic substances.


MMTI Fundamentals for Front-Line Practitioners

Toxicity and poisoning are frequently encountered in the emergency department and can carry a high morbidity or mortality risk. Significant improvement in patient outcomes result with rapid diagnosis, collaboration and appropriate management with the multiple physician teams involved. Drawing on the expertise of toxicologists and educators, the purpose of this 3-module online course is to provide a practical approach to managing patients poisoned with commonly used substances.


Life Long Learning Articles

Life Long Learning Articles (LLSA) ensure continuing education among ABAT diplomates.



ToxNow features discussion and interviews with toxicologists from around the world about current issues and recent publications



Monthly Section Educational Webinars are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 1 pm Eastern.

ABAT Journal Club Webinars are held twice a year on the first Tuesday of each month at 1 pm Eastern.