The Clinical Toxicology Recommendations Collaborative is lead jointly by the AACT, the EAPCCT and the APAMT, with participation from the AAPCC, the ACMT and the CAPCC. Its Governance committee is composed of the three current president or a past- president of the AACT, APAMT and EAPCCT. Its mandate is to develop scientific clinical recommendations (guidelines) for the management of patients exposed to either common or serious poisonings for which the management is unclear.

The first two projects of the Collaborative will be to update of the 1999-2004 Activated Charcoal for gastrointestinal decontamination and develop new guidelines on Assessment and Management of QT prolongation in poisoning.

Individuals included in the Clinical Toxicology Recommendation Collaborative (CTRC) must be members in good standing of their society. The Board of each society appoints among the volunteers the individuals who have the most skills and/or expertise for the topic concerned. Conflict of interest’s declaration is mandatory and is reviewed by the CTRC Chair. The group uses the GRADE methodology and Institute of Medicine’s framework with systematic reviews of the literature to gather and synthesize the evidence.