Lampe-Kunkel Memorial Award

To memorialize the contributions of Drs. Lampe and Kunkle in the field of clinical toxicology of natural products, the AACT offered a grant program to provide competitive funding for original research to investigate some aspect of toxicity due to naturally occurring phenomenon. The grant was given out for several years with the final award in 2016. The AACT wishes to acknowledge previous award winners and also thank the families of Drs. Lampe and Kunkle for their support in this endeavor. 

2005 Award Winners

Study Title:  Mycotoxins and Toxigenic Fungi in the Outdoor Environment
PI:  Daniel Sudakin, M.D.
Institution:  Oregon State University
Grant Amount:  $2,250

Study Title:  Assessment of Charcoal Adsorption of Botulinum Toxin
PI:  Robert Hoffman, M.D.
Institution:  Beth Israel Medical Center
Grant Amount: $1827

2007 Award Winner

Study Title:  Cross-reactivity of False Hellebore Steroid Alkaloid Compounds with a Digoxin Clinical Chemistry Assay
PI:  Laura K. Bechtel, Ph.D.
Institution:  University of Virginia
Grant Amount:  $1,500

2012 Award Winner

Study Title: Lily of the Valley Ingestion: Epidemiology, Laboratory Diagnosis and Treatment of Convallaria Toxicity
PI: Asim Tarabar, MD and Thomas Robey, MD
Institution: Yale School of Medicine
Grant Amount: $3,750

2014 Award Winner

Study Title: Ginkgo Biloba and Panax Ginseng’s effects on driving compared to placebo: a pilot study
PI: Michael Greenberg, MD
Institution: Drexel University
Grant Amount: $3,750

2016 Award Winner

Study Title: Physostigmine vs. lorazepam for treatment of adolescent antimuscarinic (anticholinergic) toxidrome
PI: George Sam Wang, MD
Institution: University of Colorado Denver
Grant Amount: $44,894