Question of the Day – Thursday September 5, 2019

Question – What is the relationship between prenatal exposures to chemicals and the subsequent development of asthma in children?



Answer – One study of 1024 mother-child pairs evaluated a variety of chemicals including PFASs and some phthalates. While no causal associations were proven by this study, the authors concluded “We found limited evidence to support a link between prenatal exposure to environmental chemical contaminants and childhood asthma and eczema”. These authors recommended that “Further research, preferably addressing multiple exposures that are measured both prenatally and postnatally, is needed to shed more light on the possible contribution of emerging and legacy pollutants to allergic disorders in children.” (Smit LAM et al. (2015). “Prenatal exposure to environmental chemical contaminants and asthma and eczema in school-age children”. Allergy 70:653-660)