Question of the Day – Friday December 1, 2017

Question: What is the DEA 360-degree strategy?

Answer: DEA’s 360 Strategy responds to the heroin and prescription opioid pill crisis. DEA rolled out the 360 Strategy in November 2015 in Pittsburgh together with the U.S. Attorney and state and local partners. Since that time, DEA has deployed the strategy in other pilot cities and is using the three-pronged approach in all DEA Field Divisions.

The 360 Strategy takes an innovative three-pronged approach to combating heroin/opioid use through: 

(1) coordinated Law Enforcement actions against drug cartels and heroin traffickers in specific communities; 

(2) Diversion Control enforcement actions against DEA registrants operating outside the law and long-term engagement with pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies, and practitioners; and 

(3) Community Outreach through local partnerships that empower communities to take back affected neighborhoods after enforcement actions and prevent the same problems from cropping up again. (; accessed November 2017)