In Memoriam


This page recognizes AACT members who have passed away. We greatly appreciate the contributions of these members and extend our deepest sympathies to each of their families, friends and colleagues.


Franklin Aldrich, MD, PhD, FAACT
Linda Allison, MD, MPH
Kimberly Barker, PharmD, DABAT
Louis Cantilena, MD, PhD
Eric Comstock, MD, FAACT
Walter Decker, PhD, FAACT
John Doull, MD, PhD, FAACT
Lynn Durback-Morris, PharmD, DABAT
Keith Edsall, MD
Kristin Engebretsen, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT
Joseph Greensher, MD, FAACT
Ruth Lawrence MD, FAAP, FAACT
Charles Lieber, MD
William Lowry, PhD
Joseph Manno, PhD
Patrick McKinney, MD, FAACT
Jan Meulenbelt, MD, PhD, FAACT
Howard Mofensen, MD, FAAP, FAACT
Frederick Oehme, DVM, PhD, FAACT
Aurelio Pasi, MD
Albert Picchioni, PhD, FAACT
Albert Rauber, MD, FAACT
Helmut Redetzki, MD, FAACT
William Robertson, MD, FAACT
Findlay Russell, MD, PhD
Michael Shannon, MD, FAACT
Gary Wasserman, DO, FAACT

Please note that while we wish to recognize all deceased AACT members, older records are incomplete. Should you know of an AACT member who should be listed, please contact us at: