Fellowships in Clinical Toxicology with DABAT Directors

Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center
Director: Theodore Tong PharmD, DABAT
Email: azpoison@pharmacy.arizona.edu

Carolinas Poison Center
Director: Anna Dulaney, PharmD, DABAT
Email: anna.dulaney@carolinashealthcare.org

Utah Poison Control Center, University of Utah
Director: Barbara Crouch, PharmD, MSPH, DABAT
Email: barbara.crouch@hsc.utah.edu

Upstate New York Poison Center
Director: Christine Stork, PharmD, DABAT
Email: storkc@upstate.edu

Florida/USVI Poison Information Center
Directors: Dawn Sollee PharmD, DABAT, Jay Schauben PharmD, DABAT
Email: sollee@poison.ufl.edu

Georgia Poison Center
Director: Gaylord Lopez PharmD, DABAT
Email: glopez@georgiapoisoncenter.org

Maryland Poison Center
Director: Bruce D. Anderson, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT
Email: banderso@rx.umaryland.edu