Question of the Day – Friday December 7, 2018

Question – What are the traditional and nontraditional vectors of saxitoxins to humans causing paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP)?

Answer – The cited article notes “Most humans who experience PSP have consumed toxic bivalves, but occasionally, nontraditional vectors such as toxic gastropods (oysterdrills, Abalone, volutes, whelks, periwinkles, moon snails, conch, slipper limpets and turban shells) and crustaceans (some crab species, lobster, crayfish, some shrimp species, barnacles) , and rarely some fish species (mackerel, puffer fish, cod) are implicated”. (Deeds JR et al. Non-traditional vectors for paralytic shellfish poisoning.2008 Marine Drugs 6:308-348)